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Catalog Number Product Name Product CAS InStock Operation
TC0538 6-Oxo-1,6-dihydro-3-pyridinecarbonitrile 94805-52-4 Yes [View]
kx0719 2-methyl-5-formylpyridine 53014-84-9 Yes [View]
kx8083 2,5-dichloro-4-nitropyridine 1400701-63-4 Yes [View]
kx1833 2,3-Diamino-6-chloropyridine 40851-95-4 Yes [View]
kx5927 1-Pyridin-2-yl-ethanol 18728-61-5 Yes [View]
kx7654 4-Cyano-3-methylpyridine 7584-05-6 Yes [View]
kx8080 2-Bromo-6-iodo-3-methoxypyridine 321535-37-9 Yes [View]
TC0493 4-(2-amino-5-chloro-pyridin-3-yl)-2-methyl-but-3-yn-2-ol 1262985-26-1 Yes [View]
TC0497 2-Pyridinecarboxylic acid, 4-methyl-6-nitro- 60780-91-8 Yes [View]
TC0507 1,2-diethyl-3-hydroxypyridin-4-one 115900-75-9 Yes [View]
TC0511 3,4-dimethoxypicolinic acid 220437-83-2 Yes [View]
TC0517 Pyridine, 5-(bromomethyl)-2-fluoro-4-iodo- 1034466-98-2 Yes [View]
kx8077 2,3-Dichloro-4-pyridinamine 184416-83-9 Yes [View]
kx8078 5-Bromo-2-methoxyisonicotinaldehyde 936011-17-5 Yes [View]
kx6639 Methyl 6-hydroxymethylnicotinate 56026-36-9 Yes [View]
kx0018 2-methylnicotinic acid 3222-56-8 Yes [View]
kx0248 2-Chloro-5-hydroxypyridine 41288-96-4 Yes [View]
TCC0715 4-Fluoro-5-iodo-pyridin-2-ylamine 1708974-12-2 Yes [View]
TCC0716 2,6-Dibromo-3-fluoropyridine 41404-59-5 Yes [View]
TCC0324 5-fluoro-3-methylpyridin-2-amine 886365-56-6 Yes [View]

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