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ChengDu TongChuangYuan Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd / ChengDu KeShengYuan Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd  is located in Tianfu Life Science Park,ChengDu,Sichuan,China.

TongChuangYuan is a rapidly growing manufacturer of high quality pharmaceutical intermediates,

pharmaceuticalbuilding blocks,fine chemicals for research and industrial application in contemporary drug discovery and development.

Our main product is : pyridine, boronic acid,pyrimidine,quinoline,API and intermediates.


Low temperature reaction (-80 deg c)

High temperature and pressure reaction

Catalytic hydrogenation

Our Lab and  manufacture base own more than 30 Glass Reactors from 10L,20L,50L 100L to 1500L, 4 reactors for super low temperature, and other equipment for manufacture, can realize the reaction from -100°C~130°C.

Our enthusiastic and higher scientific staff will become your partners in helping you to develop your Organic Synthesis Research and Related programs in a timely and cost effective manner in kilograms to metric tons quantity.

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